We need more education about global politics on climate change

        I am honoured to have been invited to speak at the Universidad Tecnológica el Retoño during the “2030 – The Future is Now” weeks. On a personal note, I’ve studied International Relations (University of Aberdeen ) and wrote my thesis about international cooperation under the Paris Agreement. I got familiar with theContinue reading “We need more education about global politics on climate change”

Café 664 Aperitivo Lounge – Aguascalientes

Okay, I’ll be honest – I believe that sometimes pieces just fall into their place. It feels slightly magical when it happens and it reminds you that you are not an isolated individual having no impact whatsoever on anything else but your own life. It makes you feel like you’re part of something. I discoveredContinue reading “Café 664 Aperitivo Lounge – Aguascalientes”

Venerdi Café

If I had to describe this café with a few words only, I would choose the following: the art of coffee & great attention to detail. Venerdi Café is a cozy place on Avenida Fundición 2007 – B, in the north-west of the City of Aguascalientes. Venerdi Café has some touches of an Italian caféContinue reading “Venerdi Café”

Antonini’s Pizza – Aguascalientes

Photo by Salomé Watel on Unsplash A PIZZA PLACE WITH HEART AND SOUL Antonini’s pizza is a small, little, sweet restaurant at the corner of Calle Canal Interceptor y Calle Carlos Sagrado.  You’ll be greeted with a, literally, warm welcome – Antonini’s pizza makes pizza from scratch and in an impressive stone oven. Nothing compares to that. SOContinue reading “Antonini’s Pizza – Aguascalientes”

Restaurante Casa Maca – Aguascalientes

This will welcome you with colours and let you leave with joy.  Restaurante Casa Maca serves typical Mexican food, and impresses with an incredibly nice and courteous staff  that will always make sure you’re enjoying your food and visit. Restaurante Casa Maca is in the northern part of the city, in 2014 Avenida Independencia Aguascalientes.  The dishedContinue reading “Restaurante Casa Maca – Aguascalientes”

Papalote Cocina Vegetariana – Aguascalientes

This is a wonderful spot, quite hidden in the beautiful and historic city center of Aguascalientes. “Quite hidden” meaning, you don’t stumble accidentally upon it? Which you wouldn’t anyways since this is such a great place you probably hear about it way before you start looking for it … You’ll find Papalote Cocina Vegetarian inContinue reading “Papalote Cocina Vegetariana – Aguascalientes”

Sharing a coffee with … Paulina from Zero Waste Aguascalientes

The place we met at was full of plants. Before I even entered the door, I had been already been greeted by some leaves looking over their pots, as if they meant to wave at you and give you a warm welcome. Welcome to Mesa Verde, the Green Table! As soon as I entered theContinue reading “Sharing a coffee with … Paulina from Zero Waste Aguascalientes”