Ariane Vera has given concerts at numerous festivals, in bars, and cafés in Mexico, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and Argentina. She performs her own songs of the genre folk / indie pop, as well as covers of current hits and classics. Her repertoire reaches from German pop music to Latin American folk and traditional music.

2020 March & April

Zonia Music, Live Digital Concert (Argentina)
Artefacto, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Messicana, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Bruno, San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)
Expo Universidades, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Evento Oficial 8 de Marzo, Instituto Aguascalentense de la Mujer

2020 January & February (Tour REVIVIR Germany)

Benefizkonzert, Ostfildern
Impact Hub, Stuttgart
MentorMe, Berlin
Kulturinsel, Stuttgart
Weltcafé, Stuttgart
Fridays For Future, Stuttgart
Radio Free Fm, Ulm
Voice & Beats, Ludwigsburg

2019 Festivals & Events

Festival Cultural de Café, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Chasca Fest, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Festival de Calaveras, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Vino Fest, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Feria Nacional de San Marcos, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Girl Up! United Nations Foundations Event, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
EBC Business School, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Pa’Dominguear, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Expo Universidades, Aguascalientes (Mexico)

Comunidad Sierra Morena, Chiapas (Mexico)
St Joseph School, Nkoni (Uganda)
Messicana, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
Café Coyoacán, Aguascalientes, (Mexico)
Casa Puri, Aguascalientes, (Mexico)
Kaaba, Aguascalientes, (Mexico)
Fridays For Future, Aguascalientes (Mexico)


Auszeichung EineWeltContest, Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung, 2020 (Germany)
Citizen Award by City of Ostfildern, 2018 (Germany)
European Youth Event, European Parliament, Strasbourg (France)
Winner of Welcome To Europe Songcontest, 2017 (Germany)
Closing Concert, Music Hall, Aberdeen 2016 (Scotland)
Meduc Award, 2012 (Germany)
Pop Open, 2010 (Germany)

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