There is barely a day that passes without music. I write songs on guitar, piano and cello since being 13. Since then I have shared my songs step by step, participating in competitions, giving gigs, recording some songs, and doing videos.

2017 has been given me an incredible experience sharing one of my songs on a stage considerably bigger than any other I stepped on before. The feedback I received was beyond words, and I still look back with so, so much gratitude. I won the “Welcome To Europe Songcontest” and shortly after got my single “Tolerance” published with a German record label.

You can now find “Tolerance” on amazon, Spotify, and iTunes. 

Welcome To Europe Songcontest 2017

More about the  Welcome To Europe Songcontest 2017  and about the message of “Tolerance” here in the news:

Stuttgarter Zeitung &  Esslinger Zeitung bwfamilyTV &  NRJ Stuttgart.


FullSizeRender (2)

Past Gigs @ Cafe Pause 


We’ve done a  live recording for everyone who couldn’t join us, you can now watch  the  First Part and the Second Part on my Facebook page.


More songs on YouTube


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