Sustainable travelling means travelling as a visitor.

Oh, how much joy it is to go exploring Latin America!

Yet, I still don’t like exploring at the cost of someone else – especially all those beautiful places on this planet, which often suffer from the large number of (sometimes quite careless) tourists. Rather than a tourist with a lot of expectations, I want to be a visitor with open ears ready to listen to all those exciting, new stories!

Visiting a friend means to sit at the dinner table and join the conversation, doesn’t it? It means … sharing your own experiences, discovering new stories, and exchanging viewpoints and perspectives. That’s also how I see travelling. It’s a way of caring about the places one is exploring,  enabling you to fully dive into a culture and making unforgettable memories.

In collaboration with the travel organisation JOVENTOUR, which shares this passion to take a look behind the curtain and get to know a place beyond the touristic experience, I share my adventures and give insightful tips for all who want to visit Argentina or México.

You’ll find the podcasts here or also on  iTunes