The idea is to travel as visitor, not tourist. When would you let yourself be invited to someone without offering a little gift in return? Or, at least, some words of appreciation?

Being a visitor implies to take the time to join the dinner table and join the conversation – sharing your own experiences, exchanging viewpoints and perspectives, and ultimately – care.

I am convinced this attitude would also contribute to a more environmentally – friendly behaviour whilst traveling or simply going on a holiday – whilst also taking you on your biggest adventure, enabling you to fully dive into a culture, collecting stories, and making memories.

I share my adventures as podcast for a travel organisation which shares this passion to take a look behind the curtain and get to know a place beyond the touristic experience –  JOVENTOUR .

You’ll find the podcasts here or also on  iTunes .

I hope you enjoy  YOUR adventures!



Ariane Vera _ Chichen Itza