Make It Grow

Make It Grow aims to be a series of articles exploring why cities matter in fighting climate change.

I am half German, half Argentinian. My roots lie in the City of Mendoza. And so do the roots of a lot – trust me, a lot- of trees. When you visit the City of Mendoza, Argentina, you will be greeted by trees. Nature couldn’t be any closer. It is incredibly inspiring to live alongside nature despite being in a city. And, in between all those trees, the seeds for an idea have grown.

What if, living closer to nature, could actually make you more aware of how much of an impact we have on nature as human beings?

And, making us aware that we are not living independently from nature, but part of it? Would that be an encouragement to make more sustainable decisions and protect our planet?

Make It Grow explains how green cities could possibly foster environmental awareness, and envisions how that could lead to more sustainable choice-making.



Special thanks goes to  TreeEra  for their kind support. This organization helps reduce carbon footprints by planting trees. I look up to you!


Thank you for the incredible support of the Secretaria de Ambiente y Ordenamiento Territorial. You truly made me understand, discover, and love Mendoza.

hotel_posta_carretasMany thanks to the kind support of Hotel Posta Carretas in Buenos Aires who allowed several scenes of the video to be filmed inside their beautiful hotel.