Let’s collaborate!

Many thanks for considering me for a collaboration. I am happy to hear how I can participate or support your project.

Within the past six years, I’ve been working for / collaborating with start-ups, leadership consultancies, multinational wholesale group, governmental institutions, the European Youth Event by European Parliament, newspapers, initiatives, NGOs, and social / climate activists in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico.

These include

  • ProjectTogether (Germany)
  • Anyone Plant (Ireland)
  • TheChanger.org (now tbd.community)
  • Elevator UK (Germany)
  • Joanna Morris, social entrepreneur (UK)
  • EditionF (Germany)
  • ChapterOne Mag (Germany)
  • Business Ladys (Germany)
  • Digital Media Women (Germany)
  • SYNK Group (Germany)
  • SocEntBW (Germany)
  • Social Impact Lab (Germany)
  • TreeEra (Canada)
  • Secretaría de Ambiente y Ordenamiento Territorial Mendoza (Argentina)
  • Hotel Posta Carretas Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • METRO AG (Germany)
  • TEDxYouth and TEDx Barrio de la Estación, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
  • Stuttgarter Zeitung  (Germany)
  • Expo Universidades, Aguascalientes (Mexico)
  • Uuniversidad de Ciencias y de Artes Chiapas, UNICACH Villa Corzo (Mexico)
  • Barbara Bosch, Speaker & Coach (Germany)
  • MentorMe (Germany)