Energy balls with coconut flakes

I don’t know about you, but when I move a lot, or type a lot, I crave snack. And when I don’t, I do anyways. 😉 There are some super delicious snacks beyond the supermarket shelves that are waiting to be discovered – and enjoyed! This is a recipe you don’t need neither much time norContinue reading “Energy balls with coconut flakes”

Simple recipe for crunchy granola

I stumbled over granola during my exchange semester in Dublin. I loved it, it was crunchy and sweet – and crazily expensive, so, end of story, I didn’t have it very often. (Had I only known back then, there was a super easy, healthy, sustainable, and cheap way to make my own! Took me anotherContinue reading “Simple recipe for crunchy granola”

Apples, and what to do when they lost their fancy fresh look – recipe for apple compote

If life gives you old apples, make “Apfelmus”. Make what?! “Apfelmus” is similar to apple compote – it is super yummy, you can eat it with pancakes, with granola, or just spoon it out of the jar. As a kid growing up in Germany ,for me, Apfelmus is simply childhood in a jar. So when I hadContinue reading “Apples, and what to do when they lost their fancy fresh look – recipe for apple compote”

A (sustainable) chocolate snack

A little something can sweeten the day and bring some joy – more so if it is shared. 🙂 Chocolate and sustainability…? Chocolate does leave an ecological footprint.  I keep an eye on buying fairly traded chocolate.  You can find out more about why fairly traded chocolate matters here. Most fairly traded chocolate comes in recycled orContinue reading “A (sustainable) chocolate snack”

Daily sustainable decisions – the story of homemade almond milk

There are many reasons to avoid dairy. For some it might be due to an allergy, some  prefer the taste of milk alternatives, and others might just be curious. For me, it is both the taste, curiosity, and mostly, the attempt to live more sustainably. I have talked about how we can all take moreContinue reading “Daily sustainable decisions – the story of homemade almond milk”