Welcome and nice that you’re here!  

What is this blog about?

This blog serves as a place of inspiration. According to the latest report of the International Panel on Climate Change we have roughly 11 years left to learn to live sustainably and reduce global warming to a minimum of 1.5 degrees. (This number is compared to pre-industrial levels, that is, the level before the Industrial Revolution.) No change happens from today to tomorrow, yet somehow we need to change a lot in a very short time.

So where do we start? And how do we start? 

First, it all happens little by little and step by step. Also, there is no rulebook for living sustainably and no single “sustainable lifestyle”. We all start from different places, with different needs and in different situations. We can discover what fits our lives best and to which extent we can implement new habits in our everyday lives. We can try our own best to take a little step towards reducing our own ecological footprint.

For me, it all started with living on my own.

I had always been careful with how I treated nature, made sure I put my trash in the bin, recycle, and every now and then, I even ate a FairTrade banana. 😉 But it wasn’t until living by myself that I truly started seeing the impact of my lifestyle and the long way a single decision can go. Suddenly, I saw the trash I was producing, and the pile of plastic bags only I had been responsible for. That was when I decided to make a change.

I reduced my use of plastic little by litte, learned how to make products, started buying second-hand, searched for sustainable shops, restaurants, and cafés, learned about fairly traded goods and adjusted what I eat and cook to reduce my ecological footprint. I continued reading policy reports about climate change and decided to write my thesis about the Paris Agreement to understand better what was going on, since climate change and its consequences aren’t always portrayed as a priority in the news.

Looking back, once I had made the decision to try to live sustainably, I embarked on a journey through a jungle of information. I would have wished for some place where information, tipps, tricks, experiences, and also inspiration about where and how to start was shared.
That’s what this blog is aiming for.

Here, I share experiences I collected and continue to collect along the way, just as well as stories from others who dedicate their work and time to protecting our planet.

Enjoy the adventure!