Ariane Vera



Every decision can make a positive difference. I believe in the exchange of information and experiences so that many can benefit from the lessons learned. In order to share information in forms of articles, I do interviews, research, read, and ask. I also speak about living sustainably, as TEDx speaker in the past, or currently by giving presentations or webinars. Ever since I have written songs and shared music, and I now do so as a means to raise awareness about protecting the planet – apart from the exchange of information, I also profoundly believe in music.



Women contribute. Gender Stereotypes persist and sometimes hamper the contribution of women. Writing is a means to raise awareness about gender inequalities and share stories of women who pursue(d) their passions without letting themselves be held back by gender stereotypes.  As role models, they pave the path towards a more equal future and inspire to create an environment in which no one is restricted or held back by  gender stereotypes.