Now that’s real coffee – my first time attending a coffee cupping at Cafebrería Coyoacán

This evening left me all inspired.

Of all attendees, not a single one left with the same idea they had had about coffee before attending the event. Trust me, this really was coffee how you have never tried it before in your life. These few hours might be capable of changing your entire future coffee-life.

Ever thought about mixing coffee with ginger? With grapefruit? Ever thought about how  well coffee might go with savoury food? Ever wondered how to combine coffee with cheese? Here we go, I warned you, your entire coffee-concept might turn upside down, in such a good way that you’ll leave fully inspired and with a wonderful taste in your mouth.

Mexican coffee 

Let’s be honest, everyone who lives in Mexico – we’re spoiled! What a privilege it is to have national coffee! Mexico exports quality coffee to the entire world. According to a study by the University of Nuevo León, Mexico shares the 5th place with India in the worldwide ranking of coffee – producing countries. (Guess who occupies first place ? Brazil, with an incredible 30% of total global coffee production. Wow. ) A total of 80% of coffee grown in Mexico is exported – most of it to Europe, Japan, and the US. 

The coffee used at the tasting was exquisite – organic, Fair Trade certified, and locally produced in Chiapas, one of the most important regions for coffee production here in Mexico. Organic coffee means , basically, that no chemicals or industrial fertilizers have been used on coffee plants. That makes it not only less harmful for the environment, but also for the consumer of the coffee – so, yes, for us and our beloved cuppa.

But it doesn’t stop here. Personally, what I found most impressive – from putting the seeds of the coffee trees into the ground up to packaging, everything was made by women. Female coffee, so to speak, and a choice for coffee beans that truly does leave a positive impact, for so many people involved.

Coffee Tasting – Extraction Method

Excellent coffee can taste lame if not brewed right. Yes, I ruined a lot of good coffee just because of my complete ignorance on how to prepare a good cup of coffee. I know a bit more now, thanks to an awesome coffee book for beginners called Craft Coffee: A Manual , as well as Café 664 Aperitivo Lounge, who put into practice what I read by filming their (plenty!) methods of brewing coffee and sharing it on Instagram, and thanks to this evening that was the ultimate proof that one coffee can taste x-times different depending on the method used for brewing.  If brewed well, your cup of coffee can take you to a journey of different tastes and flavours.

Brewing methods

The following brewing methods were used at the coffee cupping: a dripper, the V60, and the French Press.  Believe it or not, take the same type coffee, the same amount of coffee, the same water and amount of water, but take different brewing methods, and it will all taste surprisingly different. And not that kind of- oh, similar, but little bit different. No, it tasted completely different! That alone is proof enough: we should have an eye on the brewing device we use.

Julian, who was the coffee – expert, explained every little step which so much patience, he answered each and every question with attention and interest, and he shared his expertise and love for coffee in such a warm way that no one could not have appreciated every single sip of coffee.

Cold Brew 


We tried coffee in four different ways: cold brew, cold brew with grapefruit, cold brew with ginger and mint, and cold brew with coconut-milk foam. You heard right, grapefruit, ginger … would you have thought about it? It resembled a cocktail and I completely loved it! Who thought that coffee could be sparking your creativity and invite you to create new inventions, combine flavours, and try something you have never done before.

A word on cold brew – it is basically a way of extracting coffee with cold water and requires a few hours. So, there is no such thing as spontaneously drinking cold brew, unless you have prepped it a good few hours in advance.

The first cold brew served we combined with different kinds of cheeses, paying attention to the flavours and textures, and also, to how the taste of the (same!) coffee changed depending on the cheese you combined it with. 

The Food

Okay, what can I say about the food … it was amazing! We had been asked beforehand if we wanted meat or not, and vegetarians got served (tasty!) tofu instead of meat. It was a nice detail, one of many, that showed that all invitees were welcome and cared for. The food was presented in an excellent way, it was tasty, it had so many flavours, it was prepared with attention, and it was going incredibly well with the coffee – it was a journey! We began with the cheese, followed by two other courses and closed with dessert. An exquisite experience, and I am so glad I can carry these moments with me! Thank you! 

My favourite? Hm, difficult, I’d probably go for a small detail – a cookie, yes you heard right, a tiny, thin cookie based on maize (nixtamal) and served with goat cheese, as part of the dessert (mango pudding with homemade forest fruit jam).
The cookie was little, but I enjoyed it so much, it lasted for 5 minutes of pure joy!

Finally …

jo-lanta-654165-unsplashOne phrase was stuck in my head: “A good cup of coffee is the one you like best”.  Thank you, for showing me how to make good coffee, how to give it the attention it deserves. You positively changed everything I had thought about coffee, I’ll never drink it the same way. What an evening! 



You made a similar experience or want to share more tipps on how you prepare your coffee? Let me know, I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

Photo by kayla phaneuf on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash
Photo by Jo Lanta on Unsplash



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