Café 664 Aperitivo Lounge – Aguascalientes

Okay, I’ll be honest – I believe that sometimes pieces just fall into their place. It feels slightly magical when it happens and it reminds you that you are not an isolated individual having no impact whatsoever on anything else but your own life. It makes you feel like you’re part of something.

27336366_1841958009435173_5581870663865213246_nI discovered Café 664 Aperitivo Lounge on a Friday morning after an interview at the Radio y Televisión in Aguascalientes. I had seen it before a few times, but just from behind the window of a car, and thought that some day I might go visit the place. That Friday morning I almost fell into it – I walked down the street, spotted a beautifully painted and lettered chalkboard, looked up, and saw that it was THAT place that had just caught my attention. I didn’t hesitate a second and knew immediately I was at the right place once I entered – it was, surprise surprise, the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

I’ll be honest once more. I didn’t know much about the science behind coffee-brewing before I got this book into my hands: Craft Coffee – A Manual: brewing a better cup at home, written by Jessica Easto and Andreas Willhoff. Would it surprise you that I found this book at that same place, in the bookshelf of Café 664? I told you, sometimes, pieces just fall into their place.


Calle General Ignacio Zaragoza 209 Aguascalientes

It’s right in the city center of Aguascalientes. You basically walk down the street Francisco Madero towards the east of the city and then turn left in the street often simply referred to as Zaragoza.
Talking about cities – if you wonder why you come across a zebra on a painting inside, it’s the world famous “Burro Zebra”, the donkey-zebra or sometimes called zonkey, considered a symbol of the city of Tijuana.

I’ll try to capture something of the atmosphere within a few words. The paragraph I found on the homepage describes Café 664 Aperitivo Lounge like this – I’ll translate …
“It’s a unique place inspired by industrial interior design which creates a relaxed and cozy ambience. We offer the best coffee of the area in combination with the best appetizers which will make your visit an exquisite experience.” 
Okay, that’s true. I’d only add – there is a bookshelf (which you don’t always find in cafés, but personally, I really do like the atmosphere a single bookshelf can create, it’s something else.) Also, it seems that the café is divided into several areas, one spilling into another, and each brings its own touches and details. So, you enter and you’ll find a line-up of tables,  on your left, you’ll find big, connected seating area that fills one corner, and a large wooden table in the center of it. A little bit further on, you’ll find a patio (little outdoor area) with a seating area. Whilst all of those areas are different in their own they all fit in to the overall design – well done!



Experts at work. I confess I am a frequent watcher of their Instagram stories just because they film various methods of brewing coffee – this includes Chemex, cold brewing, Aeropress and V60 and it’s fascinating. Just the way the water is poured – it’s an art.

That’s the one thing that keeps me coming back – I know,  Café 664 Aperitivo Lounge is offering far more, reaching from breakfasts to waffles, to frappés, to appetizers … and I am sure they’re really good in making all of those, but that one thing I admire most is how they make coffee. The cup is served as if it was a gift. As someone who hasn’t been making coffee at home for the sake of having a special “coffee-moment” in a café, this is a nice little detail that got the place right onto the list of places to be recommended in this Coffee & Foodie Guide. Coffee isn’t just a cup, it tells a story.

The coffee served is Mexican – from Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, or Veracruz. Something very special and peculiar – coffee is toasted right there!estela-shaddix-710197-unsplash

How does it taste? “Really good” is probably to blunt of an answer, yet my coffee senses haven’t been trained hard enough (yet) to dive into the full jargon and give a more sophisticated answer. I can tell you – you notice this coffee was made with time and attention.

Also, people who don’t drink cows’ milk (like me) will be happy finding plant-based milk. I recommend opting for soy milk if you go for a cappuccino or latte, since it leaves a nice and more solid milk foam. Almond milk mixes more or less with the coffee – not saying that this wouldn’t also taste very good.

The staff is super nice and cares about the experience you’re having, you are made feel like a welcomed visitor and don’t have to feel uncomfortable raising any question – if you prefer a particular kind of brewing, it’ll be welcome.


53485371_2067287893568849_2137330585830424576_oHere’s the thing, I am so focused on coffee that I barely go to try out the food. I’ll amend the paragraph here one day, I am sure.
You’ll find tasty Mexican breakfasts: Chilaquiles, Omelettes, Tacos, Hamburger, Huevos Divorciados (which is eggs sunny side up served with two different salsas), as well as sweet breakfasts and desserts. Watch out for waffles and crepes!
Side note: the menu is no necessarily vegan. There is vegetarian pizza and I am more than sure you could ask for that made without cheese. Other than that, don’t get upset, just don’t go there hungry and get lost in the delicious coffee instead. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on that!


…has plant-based milk. Check. Is selling a reusable coffee cup made by KeepCup.
Woho! So cool! Talking about cool – since you find frappés on the menu and might want to take one on hot summer days (it’s already hot in Aguascalientes and spring has just started!!) – take your own (big) cup/container, so you circumvent the plastic cups.


Yes! 🙂


Yes, take your laptop, enjoy your coffee. 🙂


Photo Logo:  Facebook Page 664 Café Aperitivo Lounge
Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash
Photo by Estela Shaddix on Unsplash
Photo Waffles: Facebook Page 664 Café Aperitivo Lounge

Side note: This is no paid advertisement. I am sharing this experience since I believe that sharing is caring. 


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