Venerdi Café

If I had to describe this café with a few words only, I would choose the following:
the art of coffee & great attention to detail.

Venerdi Café is a cozy place on Avenida Fundición 2007 – B,
in the north-west of the City of Aguascalientes.

Venerdi Café has some touches of an Italian café – it might be its name, or it might be other little details such as the “cappuccino” written the Italian way on the chalkboard behind the counter, instead of the Spanish version which is simply written “capuchino”.
I guess it’s those small details that end up making a big difference.
Or, put another way, it’s the details that make the story.  And so do the details make the story of Venerdi Café.


The staff is incredibly attentive – to such extent that I was asked which colour of cup I’d like best. This is a place where you’ll find time, and, in a world that’s constantly running, this might just be what one had been looking for without even having been aware of it.

fullsizeoutput_394cThe city changes, once the sun has set. It is, as if the colourful sunset took most of the colors with it, leaving only some behind which then turn the city into a completely different light. If you walk past Venerdi Café at dawn or a bit later, you will find it changed – the atmosphere, though being the same place, will have become slightly different, maybe a little bit calmer. You’ll find people talking to one another, people reading the newspaper. (When do you ever see people just sitting on a table reading the printed newspaper? It’s something that has become very rare, right?)

It seems as if the hassle of everyday life had stayed outside, hadn’t made it over the doorstep, and all you will be able to find inside is a sequence of moments of letting go and simply enjoying good coffee.


Venerdi Café offers all kinds of brewing methods – Chemex, French Press, and Aeropress included. IMG_9108You’ll also find cold brews – cappuccino, latte and frappuccinos.
The coffee base is a mix of arabica coffee beans from Chiapas – Oaxaca – Veracruz.
Prices are accessible – a small americano starts at 25 pesos, so does the espresso. The cappuccino is in a price range of 40 (small) – 45 (medium) – 55 (grande).
Teas and hot chocolate are also on the menu.
So are brownies, muffins, cookies, guayaba pie (!),
banana bread and some other delicious snacks at the counter.


Those who don’t drink cow milk will happily discover “almond milk” written on the chalkboard above the counter.
Also: if you take your own cup and avoid using a single-use cup, you will get a discount of 5 pesos. (!!)
Although I’d say it’s really worth it to not rush, stay-in, and enjoy the coffee in a cup, sitting at the table, and enjoying this absolutely unique atmosphere.

WIFI – Yes!

WORK PLACE – Yes!  Totally laptop-book-notebook-friendly




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