Mesa Verde Aguascalientes

Mesa Verde is the place for everyone who is looking for fresh vegan or vegetarian food. The menu is varied, you’ll find breakfasts, bowls, smoothies, juices, simple starters, paninis, (healthy) burgers, salads – and the speciality of the house, wait for it – Taco Falafel. 😉
Mesa Verde is right in the city center – José F. Elizondo 113, Aguascalientes. 


  • Bowls Mesa Vere Smoothie Bowl
    They couldn’t look more perfect. I had never tried a smoothie bowl looking like this, I might have seen it on my Instagram feed but never tried in real life. To be fair, well, it is a smoothie served in a bowl and decorated so it looks prettier. It’s the depiction of a phraseI heard again and again: The eyes are also eating. So if you’re looking for something that’ll please both your eye and tummy, or something to take good fotos of, this could  be a good option.
    Photo Credit: Mesa Verde, Fb


  • Taco Falafel

    IMG_7453 I love tacos and I love falafel, so I was sure I could hardly be disappointed. And I wasn’t. This is a vegan dish, meaning everything, including the salsas are made without dairy, egg, or meat.  What looks like cheese or cream is neither cheese nor cream, it’s based on nuts and makes the salsa on top of the falafel. A salsa that will also be served is Argentinian chimichurri – based on parsley, olive oil, garlic and oregano. I wouldn’t give it an all-star-experience (maybe because I am Argentinian and chimichurri-spoiled) but it does go very well with the falafel.
  • Chilaquiles
    A typical Mexican dish (and popular breakfast), made with tortillas cut into pieces  and then fried, usually served with cream and cheese. And yes, there is a vegan version! Needless to say,  if you opt for the vegan version, your cheese and cream won’t be made of dairy but will be based on nuts. Depending on which salsa (remember, it’s all about the salsa…! 🙂 ) you pick, your chilaquiles will be either green or red. Ask before you order, which of the two will be spicier – that way, you avoid surprises if you either don’t or do like spicy food. Along with the chilaquiles come the typical Mexican bean. Vegan Mexican cuisine showing off how amazing it is!


Yes, yes, yes! Mesa Verde is a sustainable place, not only because it serves vegetarian or vegan dishes. Mesa Verde is on Encalientes, which means you’ll get fresh food brought to your door – best thing about it, their bags won’t be made of plastic!




Even though I’d say the place has won my heart first by its food and then by its coffee, Mesa Verde didn’t choose any coffee – they chose one of the most popular in town. Their coffee is from Café Frégo and, if wanted, will be served with plant-based milk. I had ordered a cappuccino with coconut milk, which lacked, lamentably, the milk foam completely. I’ll make sure to go for another visit, before I judge the coffee. 🙂


Also yes, take your laptop and enjoy your stay.


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