Antonini’s Pizza – Aguascalientes

Photo by Salomé Watel on Unsplash


Antonini’s pizza is a small, little, sweet restaurant at the corner of Calle Canal Interceptor y Calle Carlos Sagrado. 
You’ll be greeted with a, literally, warm welcome – Antonini’s pizza makes pizza from scratch and in an impressive stone oven. Nothing compares to that.



Pizza usually comes with cheese and meat. I don’t eat meat and I don’t eat much dairy either. That doesn’t mean that others have to take the same choice.
I believe that taking the cheese from a ranch wrapped in paper is still more sustainable and kinder to humans and the planet, than opting for a non-dairy cheese made with tons of chemicals, wrapped in plastic, sold by some kind of brand you’re not sure of whether their products are actually sustainable or greenwashed.

Do you know what I am referring to?

I also believe it is wrong to judge right away before allowing some space for another voice. A vegan diet might not be the best option for everyone and someone might just try their best to eat as sustainably as possible without following a strict vegan diet. Being a vegetarian for a few days of the week, having changed from eating meat every single day, is also a step that should be acknowledged.
It is not about giving rules, it is about giving information and possibly motivation.


… despite Antonini’s Pizza not being a restaurant labeled as vegan or vegetarian, you will find some meat-free pizzas on the menu, and can order any pizza without cheese. That’s in fact what I did, I ordered the vegetarian pizza with many different vegetables but no cheese.

The stone – oven makes the pizza as special as it is and Antonini’s Piazza a place to not miss out on. You will actually be able to observe how your pizza is made. You won’t have to wait long – so, if you come with hunger, which I’d definitely recommend, don’t worry!


The pizza was amazingly good, yet, I left some which didn’t fit into my stomach anymore. 😉 I always carry a Tupper with me for being prepared for situations like that one. To my surprise, the waiters were super friendly and even expressed how much they loved that I had taken my Tupper to avoid plastic. Wow! I was impressed!

So, Antonini’s pizza definitely can be a “sustainable” place, without being labelled as one. Don’t forget, it is about the little steps, that, if done persistently and by many, eventually make a really big difference. 🙂


Photo by Emily Austin on Unsplash


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