Restaurante Casa Maca – Aguascalientes

This will welcome you with colours and let you leave with joy.  Restaurante Casa Maca serves typical Mexican food, and impresses with an incredibly nice and courteous staff  that will always make sure you’re enjoying your food and visit.

Restaurante Casa Maca is in the northern part of the city, in 2014 Avenida Independencia Aguascalientes. 

The dished you’ll find on the menu are dishes you’d have for breakfast and lunch in Mexico – in fact, the restaurant has won its fame as being “one of the best places to have breakfast at in Aguascalientes”. I can recommend Casa Maca especially for a late breakfast, or, what sometimes is simply called: “brunch”.


For the vegans amongst you: you will not find any vegan options –
apart from the fruit bowl – on the jI3hXYy7TLGT6AyMZUzk2Qmenu. What you can always do is order something without meat/egg/cheese/dairy in general. The staff is very friendly and will probably do its more than best to make some adjustments and thus find (create!) a vegan dish you will enjoy to the fullest.

Only since it doesn’t offer vegan dishes right away, I’d say this place is more suitable for vegetarians – there is quite a wide range of options of meat-free dishes and they taste absolutely delicious. The menu comes in Spanish and has a description of the dish right below its title. If you struggle with Spanish, talk to the waiters – they sure will help you out!

I can recommend 


    Omelettes occupy an entire section on the menu. That’s how big of a variety there is! My favourite pick: Omelette filled with cheese, champignons and nopales. If you’re not a big fan of cheese, be aware that it’ll come with a lot (A LOT) of cheese. So you might just order it without. 😉 If you wonder what nopales are – it’s the cactus pads of the prickly pear cactus  – the spikes are removed from the pad which then is boiled in water. Nopales bring a lot of health benefits – they’re rich in anitoxidants and fibre. Tip for vegans: it can also be grilled and is often used for vegan tacos.


  • EGGS Sounds simple, yet, it’s anything but simple. You can choose from a  variety of  options what eggs (sunny side up) should come served with. Creamy Avocado, crunchy salad, champignons, nopal, or the classic Mexican beans are a few out of many examples and combinations you can pick. You can choose between red and green salsa – ask which one is spicier to avoid surprises if you either like or don’t like spicy food. These salsas will – I promise –  make your breakfast be an indulgence of different, delicious tastes. Explore the variety of the menu!


  • FRUIT BOWLS MCMmJuJ1TSW95ewAmSiuIwYou can pick if you want your fruit bowl served with yoghurt or just with the juice of a lemon. The latter makes it taste even fresher and I usually opt for just that. Sometimes the most simple things don’t seem simple at all.


  • HOT CAKESAlso called: pancakes. Uff, but what sort of pancakes, simply looking at them is already a feast! Fluffy pancakes at its best. Definitely worth trying!



    If you hear the Mexican word “pan”, it’s likely you’ll get sweet bread. It’s, uh, it’s one of a kind. Check out this – literally – sweet illustrated guide of what Mexican bread looks like. Casa Maca welcomes you with a whole little basket full of sweet bread.



A side hint:  You’ll find typical Mexican dishes in the menu: enchiladas, chilaquiles, cochinita pibil … these, obviously, come with meat. Some of them might be hard to order  without meat, since the base of the dish would just be missing. Personally,  I haven’t tried the meat options and I wouldn’t recommend them for the simple fact that I can’t tell you anything about them, since I don’t order meat. Apart from that, I don’t believe recommending meat is much of a sustainable action.  I still don’t judge or ring the alarm bell. All I can tell you is that the vegetarian options are just as  delicious and motivate you to take a try. 🙂



Casa Maca offers the usual range of coffee options. Once you arrive you will be asked right from the start if you would like Americano or their famous Café de Olla. If you opt for Café de Olla (coffee made in a clay pot, served with unrefined whole cane sugar) you will get a free refill and, pay attention now, IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT, as, if you are a coffee lover, it’ll totally take you to coffee heaven.


This place might no come to your mind immediately when thinking about sustainable places to go to. Why am I still including it in the Café & Foodie Guide? Simply because it is a wonderful, colorful, happy place I think you shouldn’t miss out on. Also, it isn’t unsustainable per sé –  with a few adjustments yet you can make your stay as sustainable as possible. For example by taking your own straws, your own reusable napkins, and your tupper – portions are generous and you might not finish your plate. To avoid plastic, take your own containers and you’ll arrive  all prepared, and leave all plastic-free.


Haven’t seen a sign indicating there’s free wifi, so I’d say, rather not, otherwise it’ be displayed right away, right?

No, not really, this is a place to enjoy and leave work elsewhere. 🙂 Indulge!



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