Papalote Cocina Vegetariana – Aguascalientes

This is a wonderful spot, quite hidden in the beautiful and historic city center of Aguascalientes. “Quite hidden” meaning, you don’t stumble accidentally upon it? Which you wouldn’t anyways since this is such a great place you probably hear about it way before you start looking for it …


You’ll find Papalote Cocina Vegetarian in Álvaro Obregón #401 A. 
Mexican cuisine without meat at its best.
Typical dishes, prepared and served fast without being “fast food” at all.
In fact, the environment invites you to seize the moment and slow down a little bit.



fullsizeoutput_38d8Before you enter, you’re greeted by a nice chalkboard that tells you the dish of the day, Once stepped over the door step, you see colors all around. Technically, the restaurant is in a hallway – old houses were built like that, one large hallway and doors to the rooms on each side. You still see traces of that – one door leads to the bathroom, another to a little store called Abu Coco where you’ll find artisan and sustainable products.


The wooden tables are decorated with colourful table-cloths and you’ll find something that makes Papillote really unique – a book on each table. Yes, a book! In fact, Papalote Cocina Vegetariana tells you right from the start – no wifi, but we have books!

(I find it awesome! 🙂 )


I can recommend the chilaquiles, molletes and the pizza.


The chilaquiles have earned some kind of fame already. Chilaquiles are fried tortillas cut into pieces, served with cheese and salsa. No need to say – vegan cheese also available, and super tasty! You can pick between red and green chilaquiles, it’s basically the salsa it comes served with. Red salsa is based on red tomatoes, green on green tomatoes.

Tipp: I did the mistake to assume that red salsa per se has to be spicy – but it really depends, sometimes the green one is way spicier than the red one. So, if you don’t like spicy food, ask which salsa is spicy and which not! 😉


The pizza is crunchy and has the size of a big plate, so – I know it’s hard 😉 – it easily allows to share some love and share the pizza.

The standard pizza comes with cheese (vegetarian) or you can opt for vegan cheese. You can choose three ingredients for free and if you fancy a full and colorful Pizza, you can top it up with whatever extra ingredient you wish for. (There is a large range of options, it really is hard to pick between all those delicious options!)

Tipp – order Argentinian chimichurri to your pizza, it’s a salsa based on parsil, olive oil, a bit of garlic and vinegar – it goes perfectly well with the crunchy dough of the pizza.


Molletes are baguette halves that come with cheese (of course, vegan option also available) and beans. You can top them up with a variety of things.

Tipp – don’t miss out on the salsas! Also, try a little bit of the salsa before you put an entire spoonful on your food – it can be quite spicy 😉


They offer the usual range of coffee varieties – cappuccino, latte, americano…
If you order black coffee you will probably be asked if you want Americano o Cafe de Olla – that’s coffee made in a loam pot, served with piloncillo – it’s unrefined whole cane sugar and gives the coffee a wonderful taste.


fullsizeoutput_38daIf you don’t finish your plate, don’t worry, take it home. If you don’t bring your own Tupper, Papalote Covina Vegetariana offers biodegradable containers you can take home. No plastic packaging, just the good stuff.

Straws are a no no, there is even a sign on the napkin holder: Sin popote, por favor. No straw, please.

Also – when you order fresh water mixed with fruits, you’ll probably need something to stir. No worry, you’ll get a reusable chopstick. Papalote Cocina Vegetariana has the details all figured out!

Also – check out the litte shop with all its sustainable products reaching from biodegradable cutlery to reusable straws! 🙂


Prices are incredibly accessible, especially  if you think about it being a vegetarian / vegan place. A diet without meat doesn’t mean spending the entire salary on a tiny chia pudding.

WIFI Nope.


You sure could take your laptop to read something during times that are not busy,  but it’s not the typical “work space”.



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