What to have in the kitchen for meat-free meals

Here are a few tipps on what you can store in the kitchen to cook meals that go without meat.

1 Soy

Soy has become one of the most common meat replacements. Soy is also grown in Europe – so if you find yourself at that side of the planet, you get a chance to buy it fairly local. (If you have heard of the soy plantations in Latin America – most of the soy is used for bio-fuel or for feeding kettle to produce meat. Lamentably, that kind of soy is anything but sustainable. Another reason to replace meat with plants more often! 😉 )

2 Chickpeas

You can use them for salads, add them to cooked vegetables, put them in the blender as a base for humus or even cookie dough. Remember to soak them 12 hours in water before you boil them.

3 Lentils

I never thought I would recommend this, but lentils mixed with a spoon full of vinegar are actually really good. (If you don’t like that combination, I’m not judging … 🙂 ). You can simply combine them with vegetables or even mixed in a salad. They quit the hunger super fast and make you feel comfortably full for a long while.

4 Rice

Rice is great and goes with everything. If you have a rice cooker, it’s worth using it – it’s a bit softer and stickier, depending on the rice, of course. If you want sticky rice, you can also just put on a lid on the pot when you boil it. If it’s sticky enough, give making sushi a try! 🙂

5 Pasta

A classic. Don’t think I need to add anything to that. 🙂 Tipp: You can make your bolognese with soy chunks and tomatoes put into the blender.

6 Beans

Beans are very high in protein and serve as a good replacement for meat. They are a classic here in Mexico – I barely ate them before coming here but they have become one of my favourites. I eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Beans are always cool. 😉

7 Oats

Oats do magic. You can make porridge, granola, oat flour, oat milk or snacks such as energy balls. Tipp: soak them overnight in water or milk to get a yummi breakfast!

8 Nuts

No nuts is a no-no. Nuts are great since you can make a whole lot out of them: almond or cashew milk, peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate spread, or even the base for cheescake. I like to roast peanuts and add those to cooked vegetables

9 Seeds & Grains

Seeds make something super nice out of a plain dish. I always have sesame seeds at home to make Tahini (similar to peanut butter and used for making Humus), and like snacking pumpkin or sunflower seeds every now and then.

10 Cocoa

About five years ago I switched to pure cocoa and  said goodbye to Nesqui*k & Co. – those contain more sugar than cocoa. Cocoa tastes very rich and goes great with warm oat milk. Also, you can make delicious chocolate snacks adding it to (fairly traded) bananas, to oats, or to dates.

11 Dates

Dates are very, very sweet – and delicious. They fit into every tupperware and are a perfect snack for on-the-go. They are also great for desserts – to make brownies, you can soak them overnight and mix them in a blender with oat flour and cocoa.

12 Frozen Bananas

I always have a tupper in the freezer containing ripe and fairly traded bananas – without peel and already cut into little pieces. That way, I can take them out and put them in the blender to make ice cream any time.

13 Honey

Honey, honey? Honey sweetens my coffee every now and then. I like to buy local honey or fairly traded honey. You can really taste the difference. Tipp: A spoon full of honey goes well with fried vegetables, too!


(c) Photo Rachel Gorjestan


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