Simple recipe for crunchy granola

I stumbled over granola during my exchange semester in Dublin. I loved it, it was crunchy and sweet – and crazily expensive, so, end of story, I didn’t have it very often. (Had I only known back then, there was a super easy, healthy, sustainable, and cheap way to make my own! Took me another four years…)

This is one of the cases that shows that living sustainably doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

I noticed that there was practically no granola in the supermarkets which didn’t contain sugar or even preservatives. Even those that were completely not in my student budget and labelled as super healthy, were never free from refined sugar.

Why have an eye on refined sugar? It won’t do any good to your body and brain – check out this TEDx video about what sugar does to your body   or this one about what it does to your brain.

It is super hard to avoid refined sugar since it is in pretty much everything – even tomato sauce! Unless – and that’s the secret! – you skip the supermarket and start making your own products. That way, you know what’s inside, you can choose ingredients that are kind to the planet and to your body. Plus, you save a lot of (plastic) packaging, too.

Also, it is not even  complicated – check out this simple granola recipe, which might take you 30 min max, and you don’t need any Michelin-star-chef-skills at all.

(In fact it’ll save you both money and time, since it doesn’t take any longer than heading to the next supermarket, searching for what you want, waiting in the queue, and heading back home.)

Give it a go, here comes the recipe! 🙂

img_7335Here is what you need:

  • coconut oil (you can buy it fairly traded)
  • honey (depending on where you live, get it local and say thanks to the bees happily flying around in your environment)
  • oats
  • nuts (I usually take almonds, but you can really take any you like – or any you can buy plastic-free 😉 )
  • dried fruit (make sure they don’t come packed with neither preservatives nor sugar)
  • seeds (e.g. linseeds or chia, if you have a hard time deciding, choose depending on where you live and pick those that are not imported from very far)
  • a glass jar – can be any, reused, I use the one that once stored coconut oil since I find they have the perfect granola-jar-shape 🙂

Here’s how you make it: 

The whole trick is, believe it or not – honey. Honey literally what’ll make the oats turn into gold(en colour) – and crunchy.  Honey is a natural sweetener and doesn’t do as much as harm to your body as refined sugar would ( if not eaten in Winnie-the-Pooh-portions). 

  • heat some coconut oil in a pan and wait until it’s fully melted
  • put the oats into the pan (low heat)
  • bit after bit, add the honey – for a cup of oats I would use about 2-3 tablespoons of honey, but it can really vary. Make sure the oats got into contact with the honey, they don’t need to be completely covered or swim in it, though.
  • still on low heat, let the honey and oats “fry”  for a few minutes in the pan until you notice that the oats  become crunchy
  • now, add chopped nuts, chopped dried fruit, and seeds
  • stir for a few more minutes and then turn off the heat
  • let it cool down before you put it into the jar – and, ready, there is your granola! 🙂


Hope you enjoy making it and I am looking forward to your comments about how it turned out! 🙂


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