Sustainable ice cream in Aguascalientes – why you shouldn’t miss “El Bisbirije de Nieve”

Everything a (non-) vegan heart is getting excited about – a whole menu of wonderfully varied options and you can pick and choose!

img_7628.jpgChoosing? Challenging!

Yep, it is hard, choosing between so many literally cool things – it is close to impossible to decide what to take. El Bisbirije de Nieve offers popsicles, ice cream wrapped in waffles, ice cream covered in chocolate … and the classic ice cream in a cup. I went for this one and settled on peanut butter with artisan (vegan) chocolate chunks.

Frozen and fresh 

I was surprised to be told that whatever I pick, it’ll be made from scratch! How is that possible? Okay, so the ice cream is based on soy milk, which is mixed up with the ingredients you chose and then spread onto a cold tray, where the mix freezes and can be scratched from. It is still soft enough to be formed into little balls. It probably doesn’t get any fresher than that. Also, the excitement grows exponentially, whilst watching the mix freeze and transform into your ice cream!

img_7632Kind cups 

Here comes my story. I get there all prepared, only to find out my jar is too small for the amount of ice cream ordered (medium size! Didn’t expect it to be sooooo big!), and I end up getting a kind suggestion of maybe wanting to take a cup? I first shook my head, until she mentioned … they’re biodegradable! So, I guess I was getting a little snack for my compost, too and went for the biodegradable cup that hosted all my lovely fresh ice cream.


You don’t even have to leave the house

El Bisbirije de Nieve is part of Uber eats – these guys mostly cycle through town, so that could be good reason to leave the car at home and have some emission-free delivery service deliver your ice cream right in front of your door.  Sure – you’d still end up supporting a company setting their focus on cars, but, just mentioning, in case of an ice-cream emergency, it comes at least with a bicycle. So far, I haven’t tried it –  I just took a walk there – but in case I will, be sure to find a little update here about how it has worked.


…whether you are vegan or not – both will find their favourite, I am sure. There are some non-vegan options, such as conventional chocolate bar toppings, just as there are the vegan chocolate options, making sure everyone will leave the place happily and with a big smile – and ice cream cup.


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