Apples, and what to do when they lost their fancy fresh look – recipe for apple compote

If life gives you old apples, make “Apfelmus”. Make what?! “Apfelmus” is similar to apple compote – it is super yummy, you can eat it with pancakes, with granola, or just spoon it out of the jar. As a kid growing up in Germany ,for me, Apfelmus is simply childhood in a jar.

So when I had those not-so-fresh-anymore apples at home, I decided it was time for some nostalgia. I haven’t found it outside Germany, yet, truth be told I wouldn’t even buy it anymore from the supermarket and probably just ask grandma if she could make me some homemade. Since I can’t do that here, I discovered a super simple recipe myself and saved those apples from going bad.

What you need:

  • Apples. (I used just 3 and they filled up a jar of about 200 g. )
  • Cinnamon
  • Water ( I used about 2 cups for 3 apples)

How you do it: 

  • Remove the peel of the apple – you won’t need it for the compote, so you can either eat it, put it into the biological waste, or put it on the compost
  • Slice apples into small pieces and put them into a pot with water – the water should make the apples just about to swim
  • Add a little bit of cinnamon according to your own preference
  • If you’re a super sweet tooth: add some honey, too. The apples I have chosen were already sweet so I didn’t use any honey, but if you have some rather sour apples, honey could be the way to go!
  • Boil the apple-water-cinnamon-mix approx. 30 min at low heat – if you notice that all the water evaporated, add a little bit more
  • Put everything through a sieve and let the apples cool down a bit, before you put them into the food processor
  • Mix them a few seconds in the food processor / smoothie maker until it has the consistency of jam – or, if you prefer, leave some apple chunks in the mix.

Make sure you store your homemade apple compote – Apfelmus – in the fridge to make it last a little longer.
I love eating it with pancakes, but you can also just add it onto your breakfast bowl, eat it with porridge … or just spoon it as a snack. 🙂 Enjoy!


Photo: Unsplash, Fisher Twins


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