My experience using a reusable razor

Where to get it?

There is two easy options – either a local distributor of zero waste products, or in zero waste online shops. I made the switch just when I was about to move countries and had been looking in Germany in different drug stores and also in the local package free shop in Stuttgart – Schüttgut. The ones I had found in common drug stores were cheap, yet all packed in plastic and plastic again, and I decided to wait and start looking in Aguascalientes – best decision ever! I got it from Zero Waste Ags for 120 Mexican pesos and I am super happy. It did come wrapped in a little bit of plastic, but most of the package was cardboard  – also, having in mind all the plastic I am going to save, I think a tiny bit of plastic in the package was okay to deal with.

Does it hurt?

You see that razor and you think – woho, it’s heavy. I alway had that really scary German word in mind: “Rasierhobel”. It kind of makes you want to stay as far away as possible, right? Those fears, I learned, are absolutely unnecessary. It doesn’t hurt. I ditched the shaving cream and just use soap. If you’re starting, use a bit more soap you’d normally use – like with all things, a little bit of practice won’t hurt (literally) and you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Take care of the razor

I recommend drying it after every use, just so it’ll live a little longer. Once you are no longer using the blades, recycle them. 🙂

Take it easy!

After all, the ocean doesn’t care about body hair.  Isn’t that a very liberating and empowering thought? 🙂 All it cares about, is whether you keep throwing more plastic or not. A razor can be a great first step towards reducing your waste. So, take it easy, and if it doesn’t work properly the first time, keep in mind: it’s a process to get used to something new, give it time. 🙂

Any more questions? 
I might not have answered all the questions popping up once you consider making a switch to a reusable razor, so feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try to send the response you’re looking for! 🙂


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