A (sustainable) chocolate snack

img_6421A little something can sweeten the day and bring some joy – more so if it is shared. 🙂

Chocolate and sustainability…?

Chocolate does leave an ecological footprint.  I keep an eye on buying fairly traded chocolate.  You can find out more about why fairly traded chocolate matters here. Most fairly traded chocolate comes in recycled or biodegradable paper, so you can recycle it again or  compost.

What about the packaging?

There is also the option of buying chocolate zero waste. I  discovered a shop a few minutes away from home where I can buy varieties of chocolates in my own tupperware – the price is comparable (if not cheaper) to the chocolate bought in a random supermarket.

Make (almost) your own chocolate

You need 

  • about 200 g of chocolate (see above what you should have an eye on when you buy it)
  • topping such as
    • nuts (almonds, peanuts, coconut … it’s really up to your own preference)
    • sea salt
    • cranberries
    • banana chips
    • granola

How it works

  • melt the chocolate in a double boiler (or, if you have one standing around, microwave)
  • put a reusable baking sheet in a glass tray (we still have parchment paper that we are using up, but after, I will invest in either silicon, or teflon)
  • spread the melted chocolate on the baking sheet and decorate it with the topping you prefer
  • put it into the freezer to cool (approx. 20-30 minutes)
  • break it up and store it in a nice glass jar


Tipp: You can decorate a glass jar, fill it with your chocolates, and make it a nice (and sustainable) present you could surprise someone with!




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