6 lessons I learned in 2018

Okay, it is that time of the year to look back and realise that 12 months have passed already! Here are some of the lessons learned of 2018 … 

(1) No matter where, living sustainably is always possible

I’ve learned – I can invent practically no excuse. In 2018, I moved between four cities and three countries. That means different food, different stores, different opening-times,  different habits, different products. It wasn’t always easy and it takes a little patience to discover where to get what, but after some time and effort, you’ll get the hang of it! Even if it could be somewhat frustrating sometimes, having no clue and having to start all over again, I learned that regardless of where you are, there is always something you can do to live sustainably. 

(2) What truly matters: show up, be present, and give your best 

Okay, here comes one of my most embarrassing moments of 2018.
My guitar broke the night before a concert I had practically been preparing for months. I learned – if you can’t change it, don’t waste your time being scared or angry. Make the best out of it. Show up, and be present. Give your very best, which might not look like everyone else’s best, but it is your best, and that is what truly matters.

(3) Happiness is where you allow it to be 

Definitely a setback of 2018 – a totally shocking report by the IPCC on how little time there is to reduce carbon emissions. I wanted to hide in my room and not come out until someone told me with utter certainty: everything will be fine. Obviously, I wouldn’t get that certainty, but I wouldn’t change anything for the better hiding away. Setbacks can be a great motivation to learn, to try harder, to search for something positive and stay even more optimistic, and happy.

(4) Focus on what you have, not what is missing 

Not everything can be picture perfect always. Sometimes we give our best and still fall down, sometimes we fight for something so badly and still don’t get what we think we deserve. Don’t let that get you down. Look around you and spot everything that you have, not everything that you think is missing. Appreciate the beauty in everything, let go quickly and move on, trying again. There is so much to be happy about – a ray of sun, a good cup of coffee, a moment with friends, colourful leaves. If we learn to appreciate the little things in life, we’ll realise what’ll really make us rich and hopefully learn to take better care of all the (natural) beauty that was gifted to us.

(5) Homemade peanut butter 

I mean, I have always been a fan of peanut butter but everything changed when I found out how to make peanut butter myself. I mean …. !!  Plus – I can buy those peanuts zero waste, add some coconut oil, or mix it with salt, and keep on experimenting with tastes. Definitely going to fill my days with peanut butter in 2019!

(6) Be kind and share. 

Definitely a big one. True kindness is – being kind to ourselves and to those around us. If we included all living beings – plants, animals – the world would be a different place. I try to remind myself of that – kindness can go such a long way and I am convinced that kindness is one of those things that grows, the more it is shared.


Have a happy start of 2019!!