I’m dreaming of a … diverse … Christmas

I should  say: I grew up in Germany with white Christmas. I loved it, and I still love everything reaching from advent calendars to candles to Christmas cookies.

In other parts of the world though,  Christmas is anything but white. I’ve shared my experiences having a non-white Christmas and the reactions, sometimes, were really astonishing – and funny. Do we automatically jump to the conclusion Christmas without snow and icy mornings we’ll face with our scarfs up to our noses is “wrong”? Is it “wrong” to bake Christmas cookies at 30 degrees Celsius? Is it not “normal”?

It’s different. And seeing posters everywhere advertising mistletoes, sledges and snowmen in a place where there is no snow during Christmas, make me have very mixed feelings about that picture perfect of white Christmas. Why can’t Christmas be more diverse than that?

These posters spread an idea which is not applicable to all. It sets a standard of Christmas only some regions can comply with. These posters advertising one, and one way only, to celebrate Christmas, leave, to a certain extent, a slightly disappointed taste of exclusion. Christmas, if celebrated, can be so much more than snow.

Why is a Christmas posters shown in only one way, and cannot include another way of Christmas, too?

It would be great if diversity was to reach every realm of society – that includes posters, videos, the way we talk, the way we think, the way we create expectations.  Exchanging perspectives makes us learn from and grow alongside others. Exchange and mixture is a win-win situation for both sides, not a loss on part of one side.

Our environment determines to a great extent what we think is possible or not. Christmas should be more about sharing than about a Santa on a sledge with his reindeers leaving footprints in the snow.

Christmas-mood has been coming regardless of how many mulled wines I drank at the Christmas market this year (so far, zero). It has come with how I look forward to spend Christmas time for reflection, family and friends. And those Christmas cookies I baked, not caring about whether there is snow or sun outside my window, honestly tasted the same – and they tasted awesome under a palm tree in the sun. 🙂 

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Published by Ariane Vera

Instagram: @arianeveramusic

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