European Youth Event in Strasbourg in June 2018

So – this is actually happening! My sister and me are going to join more than 8000 young people from all over Europe to discuss, debate, meet, learn, grow, exchange ideas, and participate shaping the future of the European Union. Wow! What a prospect!!

Apart from – obviously – taking part in the program, we’ll mostly do so through music. We are preparing a number of songs relating to the themes of the event, and hope to inspire with music.

One theme I am particularly looking forward to is “Local and Global: protecting our planet.” We have written a song for mother nature – la Pachamama – which we also performed at TEDxMetzingen, and can barely wait to also share in Strasbourg.

Needless to say that we also wrote a few songs especially for the European Youth Event!! 🙂  I’ll be keeping you posted over the next couple of weeks, giving some insights into the preparations, but also generally about the themes of this year’s European Youth Event EYE18.



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