Make It Grow – a project about cities, trees, climate change


MAKE IT GROW is a project about the importance of trees and green spaces  in cities. Being close to nature could make us more aware of nature and encourage us to choose sustainable lifestyles to protect our planet.

MAKE IT GROW is a series of articles exploring why cities matter in fighting climate change, explaining how green cities could possibly foster environmental awareness, and envisioning how that could lead to more sustainable choice-making.

Why do we need green cities?

Life in cities, often, is a created illusion that human beings can live independently from nature. The effects of seasons are overcome by air conditioning or heating, the effects and consequences of consumer choices are far removed. Supermarkets give the impression that everything is available at all times. Cities seem to outsource the impact of the lifestyles lived and make city and nature two parallel worlds. Despite access to acquiring knowledge, there is a fundamental lack of experiencing it.

First hand experiences could be much more effective in shaping customs and habits than any available knowledge in books or online. If we felt the effects of climate change much stronger and immediately, we could realise that we are not independent from nature. Would our decisions, then, change for the better?

Why Mendoza?

Mendoza has an incredible wealth of trees, whose branches seem to embrace each street in a gesture as warm as the rays of the Argentinian sun. Nature is ever present in this city counting almost 2 million inhabitants. Green spaces in cities close the gap between nature and urban environments – citizens no longer live disconnected, but rather, alongside of nature. 

Possibly,  the City of Mendoza, with its particular layout and the value it places on nature, deeply entrenched in everyday life, could serve as a model for other cities worldwide. 





Photo by Jonathan Stout on Unsplash

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