Goal setting: set words, not phrases

This year, I am doing goal setting a little differently. It’s a technique inspired by a friend – instead of setting entire sentences and very specific aims I want to achieve, I try to shrink them down to one word. What is left is a “caption”, a value, a simple character trait or an attitude I want to have. These are my top 3.


Some things need time. Most things don’t happen overnight, they are a process. I try to remind myself of taking steps instead of aiming for jumps, which leaves a lot more space for reflection and adjustment.


I try to put on the “explorer”-glasses more often. Instead of talking and expecting, I want to be more of a listener and learner. That leaves a lot more space for perspectives other than mine, as well as for making and learning from mistakes


Too big is the temptation to quickly check e-mails or answering that call. I try to set more offline time to avoid being distracted too often, with specific space for being present online. That leaves a lot more space for … doing creative work, and for getting things done.


I feel setting words instead of phrases doesn’t set as many expectations and pressure on oneself. These are just ideas which, obviously, can be elaborated on more specifically, but these words can serve as a general guideline for any new adventures that is waiting in 2018…

What are your top 3 words?







Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

2 comments on “Goal setting: set words, not phrases

    • Thanks, Reyvo, I appreciate your feedback! Good choice of words and yes – reflection is so important! Have a great start into the new year!


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